Here we discuss how to arrange the songs in categories by country of origin, by types of song, by language...

The structure of the website:

Basic pages: Homepage, Songs list, Songs page, Translators page, Linkpage.


Short introduction about the project and link to songlists.


A songlist will link to all other songlists.

The songs will be listed by order of alphabet within group by country of origin.

Name of the song should be standard Romanization of its pronunciation with English meaning translation in parentheses.

Name of the song will link to songpage.

Current songlists: Folklore, Community, Friendship, World, Climate Change, Popular


Each songpage will be named as standard Romanization of its pronunciation or can be managed by ID format.

Each page will include these elements:

- Original name of the song, its meaning translation and suggested English name.

- Short introduction about the song, author and context of singing.

- Original text version, its Romanized transliteration with meaning translation.

- Suggested English translations (and other language versions if possible) with names of translator.

- Link or sound of instrumental and performance of the song in different languages.

The song page should be tagged with:

- Author's country of origin: Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar...

- Language of origin: Vietnamese, Cantonese, Tagalog, Khmer, Lao, Thai, Burmese...

- Sub-type of song: gastronomy, love, children, nature...

Each songpage will link back to songlist.


List of song translators whose name found in the project.

Each name will link to a translator profile page.

Name of translator in song page will link to translators page or translator profile page?


Links to partners and sponsors with brief introduction

Invitation to become partner or sponsor the project.