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Participants of Asia Pacific Forum: Youth Action on Climate Change are singing and dancing together.


Connecting cultures – Singing for peace

This project will introduce a method of solving conflicts through music as a tool for making understanding among all potential sides of the conflict.

It can be clearly seen that the more two different people understand about each other, the less chance of conflict they may have, and if any, it can be solved easier based on the common understanding. The two persons may not understand each other’s language, but still they can have interest in the same musical melody or local translation of a song which originated from the other dialogue partner’s language.

From that viewpoint, the method can be applied to larger objects such as groups of people or nations. The project concentrates on collecting and introducing songs which promote mutual understanding and friendships among peoples and nations and creating a platform for them to come together in the spirit of music. And after that we advise policymakers and community to create environment for the “singing together phase” happens.

The project's main objective is to collect and introduce songs in different 5 main types (friendship, community, folklore, world, popular) with original lyrics, translations and performance in audio/video format (if possible). English will be the basic working language for all the songs.

As a result from Asia-Pacific Forum: Youth Action for Climate Change, there will be a special category for the theme of climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Everybody interested is encouraged to contribute songs, lyrics and your own performance or request to help a hand to the person in charge below:

Phan Tuấn Quốc

+ Email:

+ Mobile: +84 902 848 163

+ Website:

Any suggestion can be made on the Songlations Meeting Room.

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